Jun 12, 2011

The Adventures of Black Beauty: (D 135)


Scenes from the View-Master packet The Adventures of Black Beauty (D 135).



Packet Cover

From the original packet cover:

Ned and Jenny live in the country with their father, Dr. Gordon. Their greatest pleasure is to wander through the fields and woods, often with their horse, Black Beauty, their most faithful friend.

One day, being late, they decide to take a short cut through Monks Wood. The little girl is unhappy, because the villages say… But it’s only talk. There’s no such thing as ghosts. She’ll see.

But they do see a ghost. As they cross a clearing, a terrifying spectre rises in front of them. Will they escape? And will someone unmask the scoundrel who is spreading terror round the countryside…


Scene 02


Do you hear that strange music!


From the 16-page booklet:

          Isn’t it dark in the wood!  And isn’t it quiet!  Jenny feels very anxious.  She looks left and right, holding tight on her brother’s hand.  And, to tell the truth, even though Ned is bouncing along, he’s a little uneasy too.  Suddenly he stops.  “Listen,” he says, “do you hear that strange music?”

          And indeed, from within the wood comes an almost supernatural music, music to make you shiver.


Scene 07


“That’s it,” says the doctor, “he’ll soon be all right.”

From the 16-page booklet:

“And that’s it, that’s all I can do for him,” says Dr. Gordon, fastening a bandage round the rabbit’s injured paw.

“Will he be all right, Father?” asks Jenny.

“I think so. Give him plenty to eat and keep him warm. By the way,” says the doctor, “I hope you’re not going round telling everyone that you’ve seen a ghost in Monks Wood. Mr. Armstrong, the owner, won’t be very happy if you do. Besides, you know perfectly well there’s no such thing as a ghost.”

“But all the same, we saw one,” Jenny and Ned said together.


Scene 12


“I don’t want to hear you talk about ghosts ever again!”

From the 16-page booklet:

“I knew very well your children were to blame for that wicked story,” shouted Mr. Armstrong, and at the same time Dr. Gordon ordered them angrily: “Go straight home immediately.” Lowering their heads, Ned and Jenny turned back. At that very moment, the strange music was heard once again. “What’s that?” asked Mr. Armstrong. “Let’s go and see!”

Followed by Black Beauty, the two men made their way towards the ruins and hid in the thickets. Suddenly, Mr. Armstrong rose up, giving a shout.


Scene 14


The doctor and Mr. Armstrong on the way to the ruins

From the 16-page booklet:

At daybreak, as soon as he had woken up, and with his head still bandaged, Mr. Armstrong wanted to go back to the ruins immediately.

“Do you think you can ride your horse?” asked the doctor.

“I’ll be all right, don’t worry,” answered Mr. Armstrong. “But tell me, Doctor, to judge by the power of the blow, the ghost must have been a solid one. How could he have disappeared?”

“Maybe through a secret passage,” suggested the doctor.

“Heavens above,” said Mr. Armstrong, “perhaps the legend is true. Perhaps there really is a treasure hidden in the ruins.”

Just as the two men were about to leave the cottage, Amy rushed to them, her eyes streaming with tears: “Doctor, Ned has disappeared.”


rūta said...


I am currently working an a small budget film and we will be using Black Beauty ViewMaster reels in it as props. We are very specific about what year it was released. Would you happen to know what year this specific one is from?I would really appreciate any info!Thank you.


rūta said...

I am working in art department on a film. And we would be using Black Beauty viewmaster reels. We are very specific about year this pack of reels was released. Would you happen to know which year it is from?

Any info much appreciated!


JAM said...

The copyright date on the reels and the packet cover is 1973, and that is also the year the episode was first broadcast in November.