Mar 30, 2012


The View-Master packet Batman (B492).


View-Master packet Batman (B492), packet cover

Packet cover


View-Master packet Batman (B492), booklet cover

Booklet cover


From the 16-page booklet:


Special Guest Villainess


Midnight, in the Gotham City Art Museum…in a dimly lighted hall is a glass display case holding a lovely golden cat statue…a museum guard hears a “meow,” draws his gun: “Who’s there?”…a cat-o-nine-tails knocks the gun from his hand…a cat-costumed figure springs, the guard falls unconscious…the figure flees with the cat statue…

At Wayne Manor, the next morning, a phone call interrupts Bruce and Dick’s game of three-dimensional chess: “We suspect the Catwoman,” Commissioner Gordon tells Bruce…”It was one of two golden cat statues belonging to Mark Andrews, the multimillionaire.”

Bruce hangs up. “To the Batpoles!” he tells Dick. The two slide down to their secret Batcave beneath the house…


Scene 1

View-Master packet Batman (B492), scene 1

“Catwoman has stolen a golden cat statue,” said Gordon.


From the 16-page booklet:

The Batmobile screeched to a halt at Police Headquarters, and Batman and Robin leaped out. Gordon was discussing the case with Chief O’Hara as they entered.

“We believe the Catwoman will strike again!” said Gordon. “Andrews owns two of these cats. The second is loaned to the Gotham City Exposition until tonight.”

“So if Catwoman is going to steal that one, she’ll do it tonight!” exclaimed Robin.

“Correct!” said Batman. “Let’s go, Robin!”


Scene 2

View-Master packet Batman (B492), scene 2

“I’ll get the other golden cat and get rid of Batman too!”


From the 16-page booklet:

In a downtown alley stood an innocent-looking fur warehouse. But inside it—what a strange office! Feminine décor. An ornate desk; a cat-shaped telephone. On the desk, two golden pedestals—one holding the cat statue stolen from the museum the previous night; the other empty, awaiting the statue’s twin. Behind the desk, a beautiful woman, lithe and sleek, dressed in a skin-tight cat costume: black leotards, boots, long gloves with claws. She was speaking to two men in tiger shirts.

“Leo, did you get the books?”

“Yes, Catwoman,” said the taller of the two men. He brought a carton of books and laid them on her desk.

“I’ll get the other cat and rid myself of Batman and Robin in one pawstroke,” she purred. The men left. She selected a volume, turned to a particular page, and compared the golden cat with a picture. She smiled . . .


Scene 3

View-Master packet Batman (B492), scene 3

“This radioactive spray, Alfred, will help us track Catwoman!”


From the 16-page booklet:

The Batmobile zoomed into the Batcave, where Alfred, Batman’s faithful butler, was busy tidying up.

“Please help Robin with the atomic power channel, Alfred,” said Batman. As they plugged a cable into the reactor, Batman mixed some chemicals. “Alfred, please attach a pressure can to this outlet tube.”

“Y’see, Alfred,” Robin explained, “we’re setting a trap for Catwoman in case she makes off with the second statue tonight. We spray this radioactive mist on an object and then we can trace it on the Batometer. We’ll find her and the statue.”

A few minutes later the Batmobile roared up to the Gotham City Exposition. The two Caped Crusaders bought their tickets at the booth. As they passed through the gate, the ticket taker picked up a porta-phone and spoke softly: “They’re here, Catwoman.”

The ticket taker was her henchman, Leo!


Scene 4

View-Master packet Batman (B492), scene 4

That night in the exhibit hall, they sprayed the other golden cat.


From the 16-page booklet:

It was night, and the Exposition had closed. Batman and Robin were alone in the dim, eerie Hall of Culture. In an alcove, surrounded by Mayan burial sarcophagi, was a stand holding the second golden cat of Mark Andrews.

Batman sprayed the statue. “There, it’s done.” He looked at his watch. “Time to check the exits. I’ll be back in three minutes and twenty seconds.” He walked briskly away.

Behind the Boy Wonder, the lid of one of the sarcophagi began silently to open . . . open . . . open . . .


Scene 5

View-Master packet Batman (B492), scene 5

She poisoned Robin with a cat scratch and took the treasure.


From the 16-page booklet:

. . . and Catwoman came padding noiselessly out! Suddenly she sprang at him. “Holy cats!” blurted Robin. Her clawed glove scratched his arm. Instantly he became dizzy and toppled to the floor, calling weakly into his communicator: “Batman, help!”

Batman, in a distant hallway, heard the cry on his communicator and raced swiftly back. He found Catwoman clutching the golden cat—but Robin, where was he?

“You feline devil!” snarled the Foe of Felons. “What have you done with Robin?”

“Now is that a way to greet an old friend?” taunted the Catwoman. “Teach him some manners, fellows.”

Her henchmen, Leo and Felix, came bounding in. “You hit him high, Leo, I’ll hit him low!” called Felix.


Scene 6

View-Master packet Batman (B492), scene 6

Batman fought her henchmen—CRUNCH! THWACK!


From the 16-page booklet:

ZAP! Batman peppered their pates POW! with potent punches. He knocked Leo THWACK! against a sarcophagus . . . the door swung open . . . and an unconscious Robin tumbled out!

“Come on, cats, let’s get out of here!” said Catwoman, and the three criminals fled with the golden statue, as Batman knelt by his young cohort . . .

Later, at her desk, Catwoman laid the two golden cats side by side, covered them with a sheet of paper, traced a pattern . . .


Scene 7

View-Master packet Batman (B492), scene 7

He revived Robin and they leaped into the Batmobile.


From the 16-page booklet:

Back in the Batcave, Batman poked a Universal Antidote pill down Robin’s throat. The boy stirred.

“Easy now, Robin,” said Batman. “You were drugged with catacol. You’ll be OK.” As they climbed back into the car, Robin asked: “Did she get the cat?”

“Yes, Robin—just as I planned.” The Batometer screen on the dashboard was pulsating. “All we do is follow the blips, and we’re on the Catwoman’s trail!”

Batman—you’re heading into a trap!


Scene 8

View-Master packet Batman (B492), scene 8

Lured to the Catwoman’s lair, they were trapped between spikes!


From the 16-page booklet:

The blips led them to the fur warehouse. Blasting their way in with the Bat-Beam, they heard a door click shut behind them. Trapped! Catwoman’s voice came from a hidden speaker: “Good evening, Batman and Robin. I have a wonderful night planned!” things happened fast . . .

Sharp spikes popped out of the walls . . . the walls moved toward them! “Holy ice picks!” said Robin. But Batman felt of the spikes—the bent. Rubber! “Ha-ha!” laughed Catwoman.

A panel opened; a hand threw in a bomb. POP! It gave off smoke, but didn’t explode. A little flag popped out, bearing the word MEOW!

“You have to admit that was funny, Batman,” she said. “Now, wave bye bye to Robin.”

A clear plastic tube came down over the Boy Wonder and he was sucked up, WHOOSH, out of sight.

“You feline devil!” said Batman.


Scene 9

View-Master packet Batman (B492), scene 9

“Choose a door, Batman,” she said. “I’m behind one . . .


From the 16-page booklet:

She spoke again into the microphone: “Batman, are you a betting person?” “I never gamble,” he said stiffly.

“This time you’ll have to. In front of you are two doors. I’ll stand behind one of them. Behind the other is a ferocious tiger. Which door, Batman—the lady or the tiger?”

He hesitated . . . reached for the door at the right . . .


Scene 10

View-Master packet Batman (B492), scene 10

“. . . behind the other is a tiger!” Batman chose wrong!


From the 16-page booklet:

The door swung open, and . . . catastrophe! A tremendous tiger sprang out at the Gotham City Crimebuster!




Will Batman ever see Robin alive again?

Will Robin ever see Batman alive again?

Will our Daring Duo escape the claws of the wily Catwoman?


NOTE: The above was the voiceover at the conclusion of the Wednesday night episode. On the TV series the voice continued by saying “Tune in tomorrow night.” Normally the voice would have added, “Same Bat time. Same Bat Channel.” However, for this episode the voiceover said, “Same Cat Time, Same Cat Channel!” The closing credits followed with the famous theme music.

The next night (Thursday) there was a recap at the opening. The voiceover said, “After a moment’s cats pause we’ll continue!,” followed by the opening credits and theme song. After a commercial break the story continued. While Part 1 was called “The Purr-fect Crime”, Part 2 was entitled “Better Luck Next Time.’

See the next slide to find out if Batman gets out alive!


Scene 11

View-Master Batman (B492), Scene 11

With his amazing Batcups, he climbed the wall and escaped!


From the 16-page booklet:

The ferocious Batman-eating tiger charged! Batman, with his Bat-quick reflexes, sidestepped . . . fumbled in his Batbelt for his Batclaws and put them on his hands . . . raced to the wall and ran up it. He slapped his hands hard against the surface and stayed there, a good ten feet off the floor! The amazing Batcups on his Batclaws held him tightly against the wall as the tiger leaped in vain.

Next, using his vast knowledge of audio-engineering, Batman reversed to polarity on his communicator, then increased the audio to 20,000 decibels. The room was filled with an ear-shattering WHINE! The tiger backed into a corner and cowered there. Batman dropped to the floor, opened the door, and escaped into a long corridor, turning off the communicator. He looked around, then stamped on a wall the luminous sign of the Bat.


Scene 12

View-Master Batman (B492), Scene 12

“My tigers below, Boy Wonder, will be fed when you fall . . .”


From the 16-page booklet:

Meanwhile, in the Catwoman’s evil playroom in the basement, Robin was stretched on a plank suspended over a pit of snarling tigers! On the opposite end of the plank, a clear plastic cylinder, filled with sand, balanced his weight exactly. One move meant horrible death!

“You must be curious, Boy Wonder, why the strange feeding method?” asked Catwoman.

“I’m always interested in the workings of the criminal mind,” he replied.

“My pets are orderly beasts and have to be fed on time,” explained Catwoman. “So when enough sand runs out, dinner is served!”

“Catwoman, you are not a nice person,” said Robin. “You shouldn’t let them get so hungry. After all, pets are a responsibility.”

She shrugged, pulled the plug from the sand cylinder, and walked away. Slowly, the sand began spilling out!


Scene 13

View-Master Batman (B492), Scene 13

In the catacombs, Batman saw his Batsign again—he was lost!


From the 16-page booklet:

In the dimly lit corridor, Batman walked along, trying to find his way out of these catacombs. He came to a cross-corridor and saw his Batsign.

What now, Cowled Crusader? Is it a cul-de-sac?

He started down the corridor to the right, but soon came full circle and saw the Batsign again.

Precious moments lost! There’s only one possible way out! He turned and ran up the left-hand passage.


Scene 14

View-Master Batman (B492), Scene 14

The sand was escaping! Below Robin the tigers paced!


From the 16-page booklet:

While the Catwoman’s henchmen watched and taunted him, Robin teetered over the awful pit. Each dropping grain of sand seemed to signal a terrible end. Batman—where are you? Below, the hungry tigers roared for their supper. He slipped slightly! The beasts nervously paced in the pit. Robin slipped again! Oh, agony! Have the sands of time run out for the Boy Wonder?

About twenty feet up the wall above him was an air vent—and in it suddenly appeared the face of Batman—wonderful in-the-nick-of-time Batman! He grasped the situation. His jaws tightened. Catwoman’s men, below, did not see the vent being pried open—oh, so quietly . . .


Scene 15

View-Master Batman (B492), Scene 15

Batman swung down, snatching Robin from a sure doom!


From the 16-page booklet:

Batman removed the grating, thrust an arm through. His Batarang whipped through the air . . . the Batrope followed it, wrapping itself around a beam on the ceiling! In a flash, Batman seized the rope . . . swung down . . . grabbed Robin, and deposited him safely on the floor!

The henchmen were stunned. But they quickly recovered. “You take Batman,” yelled Leo, “I’ll get Robin!”


Scene 16

View-Master Batman (B492), Scene 16

Robin launched himself at a catman—ZAP! KAPOWIE!


From the 16-page booklet:

SOCK! WHAM! A general free-for-all fight took place POW! Robin finally THWACK! knocked out Felix, while OOF! Batman sent Leo sprawling on the floor.

“Tie them up, Robin,” said Batman—but Leo, who had been only pretending unconsciousness, crawled stealthily toward the door . . . then rose and made a break for it!

“He’s gone,” said Batman. “Oh well, let’s investigate this lair. Perhaps we’ll find Catwoman.”

The feline lady had fled. But standing regally on her unguarded desk were the two golden cat statues!


Scene 17

View-Master Batman (B492), Scene 17

“These cats are the shape of this old treasure map!”


From the 16-page booklet:

Back in the Batcave, they laid the golden cats side by side on a table and studied them carefully. “Notice the strange markings on their backs, Robin,” said Batman.

“Holy geography!” said Robin. “It looks like some kind of a map!”

“There’s a legend that these cats were part of the treasure of that notorious pirate, Captain Manx,” said Batman. “And the rest of his loot was never found.” He crossed over to a bookshelf and returned with a volume, History of Gotham City.

“I’ve found it!” he said a few minutes later, pointing to a map in the book. “The same markings you get when both cats are side by side! Together they become a map that will lead us to Captain Manx’s Treasure!”

In a wooded area near the ocean, Catwoman held her cat-shaped flashlight while Leo dug. His shovel plunged through into an opening . . . an underground cave!

“At last!” shouted Catwoman. “Captain Manx’s lost treasure! I’m rich! Fill the duffel bag, Leo!”

Along a lonely road raced the powerful Batmobile . . .

Leo finished stuffing the bag with loot. “What will my share be, Catwoman?”

“This!” She took her heavy flashlight and rapped it over his cranium. He toppled like a giant redwood.

“Why’d you do that?” mumbled Leo, as his eyes crossed and he lapsed into unconsciousness.

“There’s never enough for two,” said Catwoman. She shouldered the loot and started for the entrance . . . but, just then came Batman’s voice like the crack of a whip:

“Stay right where you are, Catwoman!”


Scene 18

View-Master Batman (B492), Scene 18

They found the pirate cave and Catwoman with the loot.


From the 16-page booklet:

The Dauntless Duo stood in the doorway, resolutely blocking her path. Catwoman whirled and ran back into the cave, with the Masked Manhunters in hot pursuit!


Scene 19

View-Master Batman (B492), Scene 19

They cornered her at the edge of a bottomless chasm!


From the 16-page booklet:

There followed an eerie chase through the dim, deep underground corridors. Suddenly Catwoman gasped in horror! Ahead of her the cave floor vanished, and a chasm ten feet wide lay across her path. Could she jump it?

“Don’t do it, Catwoman!” Batman called. “You’ll never make that jump with the load you’re carrying!”

“Just watch me, Batman!” she panted defiantly.

She leaped . . . missed! She clung desperately to a stalactite with one hand, the heavy bag with the other!

Batman uncoiled his Batrope. “Hang on, Catwoman. Let go of the bag, then you can catch the rope.”


Scene 20

View-Master Batman (B492), Scene 20

Too greedy to drop the loot she lost her hold and fell!


From the 16-page booklet:

But Catwoman’s greed was stronger than fear! “I can’t let go . . . I just can’t!”

Her hand lost its hold . . . and, with a caterwaul of terror, she plunged out of sight. Ten heartbeats later, they heard a SPLASH far below.

“Catwoman!” shouted Robin. “Can you hear me? Catwoman!”

“Catwoman!” came the echo. “Can you hear me? Catwoman!”

“Greed is an overpowering emotion,” said Batman as he coiled his Batrope. “Come on, Robin; our job is done.”


Scene 21

View-Master Batman (B492), Scene 21

“Bruce, do you think Catwoman has nine lives, too?”


From the 16-page booklet:

The next morning, in Bruce’s study at Wayne Manor, Bruce and Dick resumed their interrupted game of three-dimensional chess. Alfred looked on with interest as Bruce moved his Queen catty-corner up three levels to say: “Queen takes Knight and—checkmate!”

Dick sighed. His thoughts were elsewhere.

“Bruce, do you think she might still be alive?”

“I don’t see how she could be, but—cats are supposed to have nine lives, Dick. It’s hard to say.”


from32d said...

This was probably the first View-Master I ever had. They chose a good episode because this one was done more seriously then the camp silliness that would later dominate the series. And Julie Newmar was a draw, even though her allure in the role didn't hit until the episode aired.

JAM said...

I liked this episode too. The first season is the one I would buy on DVD, if they ever clear all the rights and release it on DVD.

from32d said...

I wonder if they could take copies of the film prints now and duplicate the View-master effects without the need of the special cameras they were using then.

RetroFixes said...

Man I love seeing these older reels. Something magic about it. Classic batman is awesome. Not sure if you are interested but I recently posted a blog on classic view-master repair. With complete photo walk through.

JAM said...

Did you guys hear? Warner Brothers said they are releasing the complete series on DVD later this year! I want it on Blu-ray.

dth1971 said...

I wonder if the 1966 Batman - Adam West (now the mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island) ever would notice this if he had his own View Master toy.

JAM said...

The DVD and Blu-ray release date is November 11, 2014. This episode is from season one. Looking forward to it.