Feb 12, 2012


A Halloween surprise!


View-Master World presents all 21 scenes from the View-Master packet Dracula (B324) with restored color and the original captions!


View-Master Dracula (B324), Packet Cover

Packet Cover


View-Master Dracula (B324), Booklet Cover

Booklet Cover


From the original packet cover:


Based on the Novel by Bram Stoker


Did you know that DRACULA was a real person? He lived long ago in a country called Transylvania. Known for his violent temper and evil ways, he used to torture and murder people at will.

Even today, parts of DRACULA’S castle still stand. Villagers shudder at the mention of his name and visitors tell strange tales of sickness and terror when visiting DRACULA’S ruined castle.

The real DRACULA was not a vampire. A man named Bram Stoker wrote a book turning DRACULA into the bloodthirsty monster we have all come to know and fear.

Our exciting story is based on Bram Stoker’s book. Through the magic of View-Master, you can see young Will Harker in his life or death battle with Count Dracula, the Vampire!!!

NOW, in stereo, peek inside the tomb of COUNT DRACULA!


… and also:


From the 16-page booklet:

It is good we live life not knowing what will come next.  If I had known in my 12th year I would meet the most terrible of monsters, surely I would have died of fear!

Imagine a monster whose power over night is endless, who has the strength of 20 men.  Whose bloody fangs drain human blood to keep his evil life.  Whose only fear is cross, stake and light of day.  Who hypnotizes people, changes them into monsters like himself.  Lives in castles and tombs—horrid and terrible—COUNT DRACULA, the VAMPIRE!!

Many years have passed since Father and I rode to the Bukovina Inn.  The other passengers in the coach stared at us. I thought perhaps it was our strange clothing, for we were Englishmen traveling in Romania. But I recall the staring began when Father told our destination. “We are going to visit Count Dracula!” he said plainly. One of the passengers crossed herself, saying “Ordog” (Satan), another “pokol” (hell)…Oh had we known!


Scene A1

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene A1

Will and Jonathan Meet Doctor Van Helsing.


From the 16-page booklet:

When we arrived at the inn, a passenger from the coach led us to a table.

“Be seated, my friends.” He extended his hand to my father. “Van Helsing is my name…Dr. Van Helsing. I am the village physician.”

“Jonathan Harker here. This is my son, Will.”

“Mr. Harker, I must warn you…” Van Helsing stopped. His eyes had been caught by a mysterious hooded figure standing at the door of the inn. The stranger’s eyes glowed hypnotic red.


Scene A2

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene A2

“May the Silver Cross Protect You!”


From the 16-page booklet:

Our coach was ready. We boarded as evening came. At the last moment, Van Helsing rushed to the carriage. “Here, Mr. Harker. Take this silver cross! It will protect you!” The coach sprang forward. Father held the cross. From above came the red-eyed glare of the hooded driver. No other passengers. This was the coach to COUNT DRACULA’S castle!


Scene A3

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene A3

Wolves Trail the Mysterious Coach


From the 16-page booklet:

Night came swiftly. The coach climbed higher on the mountain road. I heard the howling first. We glanced from the window. Across snowfields, wolves raced beside us, at times leaping toward the coach!


Scene A4

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene A4

The Driver Uncovers Gold


From the 16-page booklet:

We rode for what seemed like hours. Stopped! Heard the driver leap to the ground. There before us was a mysterious ceremony. Wolves encircled the driver as if to pay him worship! He clawed the frozen mound at his feet, dug gold coin from the dirt. Then, standing erect, the driver outstretched his crooked fingers, letting some gold fall back to earth. The wolves howled their approval. Father embraced me.


Scene A5

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene A5

Father! No One Drives the Coach!


From the 16-page booklet:

Soon the coach was moving again. Suddenly a turn and … there below the white moon was a huge castle! I dared one more look at our gruesome driver. He was GONE! Nothing guided the horses but the savage instinct within them! “What demon’s journey is this?” Father asked aloud, but really to himself.


Scene A6

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene A6

“Good Evening, I Bid You Welcome.”


From the 16-page booklet:

Planks tipped and rattled as we crossed the drawbridge. The coach drew to a halt. Once outside the carriage, we ascended a long stairway to the castle’s keep. A towering man in black, eyes glowing coals, appeared from the shadows.

“Mister and young Master Harker,” the tall form rasped. “I am Count Dracula. I bid you welcome … supper awaits!”


Scene A7

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene A7

“Will You Eat Nothing, Count Dracula?”


From the 16-page booklet:

Instantly we were in the castle’s dining hall.

“Will you eat nothing, Count?” Father asked.

Dracula gazed at the empty place before him. “No thank you, Mr. Harker, I have dined already.” It was then I saw the Count’s too red lips, huge pointed teeth. The image of the stage driver flashed into my mind.

“Mr. Harker, did you find an estate for me in England?” the Count asked.

“Certainly sir, a handsome one, but …”

“Price is no object, I will pay in gold!”

Wolves began to howl. The Count smiled.


Scene B1

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene B1

Dracula Casts No Reflection in a Mirror!


From the 16-page booklet:

Our bedroom—strange! Spiders, tangled webs. Rats scurried from the lamplight. No paintings or mirrors. Dracula wished us to sleep. He spoke to Father by the open balcony. I unpacked Father’s shaving mirror, looked into the glass.

It seemed Father stood there alone. Dracula cast no reflection!


Scene B2

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene B2

Dracula Turns into a Giant Bat!


From the 16-page booklet:

“Sleep,” Dracula said as he left us. How could I? We watched the Count’s window across the courtyard. Soon Dracula stood there in the waning moonlight. His cloak swirled, became wings, face furred—turned catlike, hands scaled becoming claws. Before our eyes, Count Dracula changed into a huge bat!

With folded wings he scurried across the perpendicular wall, soon taking flight above the dark Transylvanian forest!


Scene B3

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene B3

The Next Morning, Father is Ill.


From the 16-page booklet:

When I awoke the next day, it was already afternoon. Father was sick in his bed. It was then I discovered the two tiny wounds on his throat. As if guided by some unseen hand, I placed the cross ‘round Father’s neck. Then I began to search for Dracula!


Scene B4

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene B4

At Sunset, Dracula Rises from His Coffin.


From the 16-page booklet:

I descended a stairway into a dark crypt. There, in a coffin, lay COUNT DRACULA! Sunset faded from the room’s only window. Suddenly, as if coming alive from death, Dracula awoke. A bundle in the coffin stirred by the Count’s side. Horrified, I raced up the stairs.


Scene B5

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene B5

“Release my Little Brother!” Says Anna.


From the 16-page booklet:

High on the parapets, I hid atop the castle wall. Dracula appeared at the window below.

“Dracula!” the voice of a young girl rang clearly through the evening air. “You have stolen my young brother. Give him back or I will find a way to destroy you!” An evil smile crossed Dracula’s lips. He gestured … a pack of wolves lunged through the gate. Dracula turned in an instant and was gone.


Scene B6

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene B6

A Daring Rescue!


From the 16-page booklet:

“Don’t move!” I warned. The girl looked up, frightened. I lowered a rope from the drawbridge tower. As I pulled the girl to safety, a wolf leaped for her legs. She screamed. The animal’s fangs missed her skin! Soon she was safe on top.

“How can I thank you!” she sobbed.

“Do not. There is no time for talk.”


Scene B7

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene B7

Dracula Pursues.


From the 16-page booklet:

We escaped! I did not want to leave Father, but without help we were doomed. As the girl and I raced across the road leading from the castle, a huge bat circled the walls. Quickly, we ran into the forest.


Scene C1

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene C1



From the 16-page booklet:

We ran. Suddenly the girl directed me toward a small cottage in the forest. “Wait! What is your name and where are you taking us?”

“I am Anna Borgo and this is the house of Dr. Van Helsing, the village physician!” My heart leapt for joy. Once inside, we told the Doctor everything.

“It is as I feared!” Van Helsing said, placing an ancient book before us. “COUNT DRACULA is a VAMPIRE! The bundle you describe is Anna’s young brother. Dracula is saving him for a future feast. Vampires live by sucking human blood through their fangs. Will, your father was attacked last night. The marks on his throat were from DRACULA’S fangs. The cross you put on his neck should protect him. But come! We must hurry if we are to save the vampire’s prisoners!”


Scene C2

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene C2

Van Helsing Helps Rescue Anna’s Brother.


From the 16-page booklet:

It was early morning by the time we reached Dracula’s crypt. The Count lay in his coffin, barely breathing! “There!” Van Helsing whispered as the small bundle in the coffin stirred. I held the torch high. Anna tiptoed toward the coffin. She placed her hands on her little brother.

“I’ve got him,” Anna whispered. The boy whimpered softly as she carried him off. Dracula’s eyes opened! He sat up in the coffin! “So, Will Harker, you come to your own doom!” Dracula’s voice thundered.


Scene C3

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene C3

Dracula Attacks Will . . .


From the 16-page booklet:

Holding her brother, Anna hurried up the stairway. Dracula lunged for me. I stumbled and fell; the torch tumbled from my hand. In an instant the vampire was at my throat …


Scene C4

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene C4

. . . Van Helsing Uses the Cross!


From the 16-page booklet:

A silver cross! Somehow the strong arm of Van Helsing brought it close to Dracula’s horrible face! The cruel beast broke away, circled us, growls of rage pouring from his glistening mouth.


Scene C5

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene C5

Daybreak Weakens Dracula.


From the 16-page booklet:

Dracula sprang! His fangs inches from us when … light from coming day passed through the window … struck the cross! Rays began to fall on Dracula himself. The vampire shrank back, his cries of pain horrible. Robbed of strength, staggering, the Count struggled back to his coffin, flung himself within ..! “NOW!” Van Helsing shouted. He seized the wooden hammer he had taken with him. Dracula lay weak and still in his coffin.


Scene C6

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene C6

Van Helsing Drives a Stake Through Dracula’s Heart.


From the 16-page booklet:

The Doctor placed a wooden stake against the vampire’s chest. Dracula fought to remove it! Van Helsing’s strong arm brought the hammer down with crushing force, driving the stake through Dracula’s heart! The Count’s body shook, his mouth gaped wide. A mighty shriek escaped his vampire fangs. Then magically the form of Dracula disappeared until only his skeleton remained. THE VAMPIRE WAS DEAD!!!


Scene C7

View-Master Dracula (B324), Scene C7

Jonathan Recovers, Happy Ending!


From the 16-page booklet:

I raced up the stairs to Father’s room. He was just awakening. “Will, what has happened?”

“Dracula has been destroyed, Father!” I shouted. “We are free to go!”

We gathered Dracula’s gold, pledging it to Anna for her and her little brother. The young boy awoke from his hypnotic sleep in Anna’s arms. He was unharmed! We all left the castle together. It was a beautiful spring day. “The curse has passed,” said Van Helsing. Then he looked at us hauntingly … a look I will never forget. “Pray the monster may never come again!” He paused. “For who can truly know the evil ways of DRACULA, the VAMPIRE!”


Anonymous said...

Just came across your website. I see that you started this entry off by saying the color has been restored to the photos. My set has gone red. Hiw do you restore the color?

Larry said...

My favorite Viewmaster reels are the dioramas, followed by those with aerial or nighttime photography. Thanks for sharing these images.

Larry said...

Anonymous, once the reels have turned red they are permanently ruined. That's something that happens when Kodachrome slides are left out in the light too long. You can find almost any Viewmaster sets on the famous auction site, just be certain to ask the seller if they have a reddish tint before you bid.

JAM said...

Hi Larry. Thanks for your input. Just to let you know, it isn't Kodachrome that turns red. It's GAF film. At some point in late 1976 or early 1977 GAF View-Master switched from Kodachrome to their own GAF slide film. This was a cost-cutting measure during the very inflationary 1970's, but it turned out to be a serious mistake. The GAF film was unstable. Over time the inferior GAF slide film turned red. Kodachrome, on the other hand, was so superior that it could last for more than a hundred years before there would be noticeable color shifts. Some professional photographers have called Kodachrome the best slide film in history.

Dan_Luft said...

Wonderful. Just found your blog a few minutes after I saw how expensive a mint copy would be on eBay. I hadn't thought of this set in years but each frame, as well as the book illustrations, came right back to me.

Also, I had forgotten just how immersive the experience was to look at this, Frankenstein, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Thank you!

gdrhodes said...

So happy to see this wonderful blog. My question: is there any record of which artist/photographer created the DRACULA set for View-Master?

JAM said...

I just found out that it was Joe Liptak. He created many View-Master titles. I understand Dracula was one of Joe's favorites. Unfortunately, Dracula was never published on Kodachrome. It was published on the inferior GAF film, which over time has turned red. Here at View-Master World you can see the Dracula packet as it was meant to be seen. It's been fully remastered for your enjoyment.