Mar 28, 2016

The Flintstones


View-Master World’s

5th birthday!

A big Thank you! to everyone around the world who has stopped by for a visit. And now, the first post in two years!  I hope I remember how to do it!

All 21 pictures of the View-Master packet The Flintstones (B514).  Click on the image for a bigger picture.


View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Packet Cover

Packet Cover

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Booklet Cover

Booklet Cover


From the packet cover

Fred’s Mis-Steak

Fred Flintstone’s shopping trip for Wilma ends in a fight with his pal, Barney Rubble. Luckily, Dino, their pet dinosaur, ends the war over the missing Brontosaurus steak.

Fred’s Invention

Our Stone Age hero solves the problem of getting to work on time with an amazing invention. Flying reptiles and a Mammoth add excitement to his first trip.

Wilma Learns To Drive

When Wilma wants to learn how to drive the family car, a Stonebaker 2, Fred offers to teach her. Little things like driving between the legs of a Tyrannosaurus change his mind. The driving school has the perfect solution for beginners.


Reel One

Scene 1

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 1 Scene 1

“Hiya, Barney, old Buddy.” – “Fine, Fred, old pal.”


From the 16-page booklet:

A million years ago, give or take a hundred centuries, right smack in the middle of the Stone Age, the people of Bedrock struggled for existence much as we do today. Quite a struggle it was, with Brontosaurus steaks up to 12 cents a pound, dinosaur eggs at $2.49 each, and a Republicrat named Stonefeller running on the “Ban the Axes” platform.

Undisturbed by such world-shaking problems, the common man of Bedrock, Fred Flintstone, drove to his neighborhood supermarket to shop.


Fred had just parked his Stonebaker 2 when he saw his neighbor Barney Rubble.

“Hiya, Barney, old Buddy,” cried Fred, “how’s your Rockswagon coupe grinding along these days?”

“Fine, Fred, just fine,” Barney said. “Just had a new set of marble bearings put in and had the body rebarked. Doin’ the shopping for Wilma?”

“Yeah,” Fred explained, “you know how it is, women can cook most things but when it comes to STEAKS, well, Freddy Flintstone does the choosing and cooking both. We’re eating ala ‘barbeque,’ tonight, and I’M doing the cooking!”

“Me, too,” said Barney as Fred disappeared into the supermarket.


Scene 2

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Real 1 Scene 2

“Tell me, lady, is this a good brontosaurus steak?”


From the 16-page booklet:

In the meat department, Fred heard, “Good afternoon, Mr. Flintstone. Fancy seeing you here. How is Wilma?”

“Wilma’s fine, Mrs. Rockbottom,” replied Fred, “the question IS how are the Brontosaurus steaks?”

“That’s a good one you’re pointing at,” she said, “if you can afford the price. Sally! Don’t touch that ichthyosaurus!”


Scene 3

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 1 Scene 3

“All right Fred,” Wilma demanded. “Where’s the steak?”


From the 16-page booklet:

Fred whizzed through his shopping and drove home. “Wilma, Wilma!” he shouted, bursting into the kitchen, “get the charcoal red hot, we’re going to feast tonight!”

“On what?” Wilma asked. “Where’s the steak?”

Fred reached into the broken grocery sack, but the steak was gone. He sniffed. A wisp of a familiar aroma floated in the window.

“The steak! Someone’s cooking MY steak!”


Scene 4

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 1 Scene 4

“Hold on there, that’s my steak, Old Buddy,” Fred shouted.


From the 16-page booklet:

Rushing outside like a wounded rhinosaurus, Fred followed his nose across the backyard to the Rubble’s. There on the Rubble patio, Barney was cooking a Brontosaurus steak.

“Hold on there, that’s my steak, old buddy,” Fred bellowed, vaulting the stone fence. “I’ll just thank you to hand it over!”


Scene 5

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 1 Scene 5

"Leggo! that's my steak, Fred," Barney protested.


From the 16-page booklet:

“Leggo my steak, Fred,” Barney protested as Flintstone gripped one side of the steak and began to pull. “We’re friends with bowling and all that but you’ve no right to bust over here like this and try to snatch my meal!”

“Give it back, Barney!” Fred demanded as the steak stretched dangerously. “I don’t care where you found this steak, it dropped out of my grocery bag and I’m getting it back!”


Scene 6

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 1 Scene 6

"Dino, you found Fred's steak! I'd better find Fred."


From the 16-page booklet:

Before she could follow Fred, Wilma heard Dino, their pet dinosaur, at the front door. She opened it and began to laugh.

“Dino, you found Fred’s steak. He must have dropped it on the way from the car. I’d better find him before he starts another neighborhood war!”


Scene 7

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 1 Scene 7

"Oh, Fre-ed, here's your steak."—“Sorry, Barney, my mis-steak."


From the 16-page booklet:

When she reached the back fence, Barney had just given up. The wet, flabby steak snapped back and covered Fred’s head with a “kerplap!”

“Watch what you’re doing, Barney,” Fred growled, “you’ll ruin my steak.”

“Fred!” Wilma called.

“Later, Wilma,” Fred said over his shoulder, “…now Barney, I’m really riled about…”


“Later, I told you…now this steak of mine…”

“Here is your steak, Fred Flintstone!” Wilma cried. “Dino found it right by the car where you dropped it!”

A red blush crept up Fred’s face. Sheepishly, he took the steak off his head and offered it to Barney. “Sorry, old pal, I thought—well, it was my mis-steak!”


Reel Two

Scene 1

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 2 Scene 1

“I’ll get to work on time using my invention.”


From the 16-page booklet:


“If you are late one more time!” the foreman at the Bedrock Quarry had told Fred. “Yeah! Yeah! I’ll make it!” Fred answered, but that last five minutes every morning on his Beautyrock mattress was almost too precious to give up.

“Yabba-dabba-doo, I’ve got it!” he told Wilma. “I’ll get to work on time and still be able to grab those forty winks in the morning!”

For days the sound of the hammer and axe, of the swordfish and scissor-bill bird filled the Flintstone back yard.

“What is it?” asked Barney. “I can’t figure it.”

“A big mess of nothing,” Wilma snorted.

“They laughed at Rockson P. Thongtiddle, too,” Fred replied, “but he went right ahead and invented the stone axe. If he’d let a few laughs discourage him we’d still be living in caves.”


Scene 2

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 2 Scene 2

“Ta! Ta! Wilma, I’m off to work the easy way.”


From the 16-page booklet:

At last the day came; the invention was finished. And what were the memorable words uttered that historic morning by the wife of the famous inventor? They were: “Fre-ed! For heavens sakes, Fred, you’re late. You’ll lose your job!”

“Hold it, Wilma. Take it easy. Before you behold my new invention—a flying machine that’ll whisk me to work in no time at all!” Fred leaped on the machine and started to pedal. The leopard-skin blades overhead began to turn.

“Fred,” Wilma wailed, “you’re not going to try to fly that fool contraption. You’ll be killed.”

“Ta, ta, my dear,” Fred waved and began to pedal furiously. With a grinding of stone gears, the helicopter rose from the ground.

“It flies! It flies!” Fred yelled, “look out, Bedrock Quarry, here I come!”


Scene 3

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 2 Scene 3

“Yaba daba do! This sure beats walkin’”


From the 16-page booklet:

Swiftly over mountain and jungle he flew. Swooping down over a prehistoric palm tree, he passed the time of day with two baby flying reptiles in their nest.

“Morning, little fellows. Someday you’ll be flying as good as me. Where’s Mother Pterodactyl?”

A hideous screech behind him gave him a clue.


Scene 4

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 2 Scene 4

“Holy Mackeral! Scram, you feathered hitchhiker!”


From the 16-page booklet:

“Beat it! Scram!” yelled Fred as the flying reptile landed on the helicopter blades. The machine lurched, then started whirling around and around. The poor glassy-eyed flying reptile was only too glad to let go. But it was too late.


Scene 5

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 2 Scene 5

“Yeeooww! Get out of the way, you dope!”


From the 16-page booklet:

“Look out below!” shouted Fred as his helicopter fell toward the prehistoric jungle. Looking down he saw a wooly mammoth waiting with sharp curving tusks.

“Holy Dodo bird! “I’m a goner!”


Scene 6

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 2 Scene 6

“Turn it off! TURN IT OFF!”


From the 16-page booklet:

With a careless wave of its trunk, the mammoth squirted what it took for a kind of flying bug. The geyser of water shot Fred’s machine high into the air with such force that it completely disintegrated! Frantically, Fred grabbed the striped propeller shaft.


Scene 7

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 2 Scene 7

“I made it on time Boss!”—“Just barely, Flintstone.”


From the 16-page booklet:

The still-rotating blades acted like a parachute. Drifting with a strong wind, Fred floated over a granite ridge right into the open pit of Bedrock Quarry.

“Hi, Mr. Shale,” he said, landing on the foreman’s desk. “Here’s your best Dinoscoop man!”

The foreman pointed to his sundial wrist watch and said, “Humph! Another minute and you'd have been late. Get off my desk and get to work!”


Reel Three

Scene 1

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 3 Scene 1

“There’s nothing to it, Wilma. C’mon, I’ll show you.”


From the 16-page booklet:


“Oh dear, Fred. This looks so hard. I don’t think I can ever learn do drive,” Wilma said. “Maybe I’d better go to a driving school.”

“Nonsense, Wilma, any dope can learn to drive… Er, that is ah—there’s nothing to it. C’mon, I’ll show you,” Fred said.


Scene 2

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 3 Scene 2

“You don’t need that—ol’ Freddy’l teach you.”


From the 16-page booklet:

“You won’t need this instruction slate, Wilma,” Fred said breezily as he tossed it away. “You’re in the hands of the old master, Freddy Flintstone—teacher par excellence!”

“I don’t know, Fred. This looks confusing,” Wilma said worriedly. “Maybe you’d better tell me what each of these things is for before we start.”

“Nah, Wilma, this is just like swimming. Best thing to do is just jump in. Here, I’ll start the old Stonebaker up for yau and a-w-a-y we go!”

“But Fred, wha…” Wilma began.


Scene 3

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 3 Scene 3

“Watch where you’re goin’, you road hog!”


From the 16-page booklet:

“Quiet! Watch it! Watch that rock! Watch that tree! Move over! Right! RIGHT! LOOK OUT!” Fred screamed.

Barney Rubble, the Flintstones’ neighbor, who was driving home from the market, suddenly realized Wilma’s car was headed straight for him. He swung off the road, narrowly missing a tree.

“Why don’tcha watch where yer goin’, YOU ROAD HOG!” Fred yelled at the befuddled Barney.


Scene 4

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 3 Scene 4

“Willlmmaa! LEFT! LEFT! Not right!”


From the 16-page booklet:

Fred was still muttering angrily to himself. Suddenly the car shot off the road. Fred was almost thrown out, but managed to grab the side of the convertible top and hang on as he hollered…

“Turn left Wilma. LEFT! Wiiiillllmmmmaaaa! LEFT! Yeow!…Whow, we made it!” Fred looked back down the steep cliff and wiped his forehead. “Oh boy,” he groaned in relief.


Scene 5

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 3 Scene 5

“Yeeeoww! Oh, boy, that was a close one.”


From the 16-page booklet:

He swung around to Wilma. “Holy Dodo Bird Wilma, why … Watch it… Watch it! W-A-T-C-H IT!!!!!”

They were headed straight for a gigantic Tyrannosaurus. Fred crouched down in the seat and covered his head.

“It’s all right, Fred. I think I’m going to miss him,” Wilma said reassuringly.

Fred raised his head just in time to see the car speed between the legs of the startled Tyrannosaurus.

“Oooooooooh—that was a close one!” he gasped.


Scene 6

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 3 Scene 6

“Look Fred, a driver training school.”


From the 16-page booklet:

“Now hold it, Wilma! Fred shouted. “Hold it. H-O-L-D IT!!!! OH, NO! Not again!” The Stonebaker II was headed straight for a building. They CRASHED through a stone fence, but were stopped short of the building by a sign.

“Look, Fred. Isn’t this lucky. We’ve stopped at a Driver’s Training School,” Wilma said.

Fred, who had ended up on top of the convertible, groaned.


Scene 7

View-Master The Flintstones (B514) Reel 3 Scene 7

“Oh, you mean I’m to turn this, not just hold on?”


From the 16-page booklet:

“Now, Mrs. Flintstone,” the instructor said, “you see that little curve to the right in the road ahead? Yes? Well, you just take this little round thing here and you turn it gently to the right.”

“Oh, good heavens,” Wilma said in amazement, “you mean I’m supposed to TURN this thing. I thought I was just supposed to hold onto it.”

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