Dec 11, 2013

Jungle Book

The View-Master packet Jungle Book (B363).


View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Packet Cover

Packet Cover


View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Booklet Cover

Booklet Cover


From the original packet cover:

The boy Mowgli had been raised by a pair of Wolves. He had never known Man. But the elders of the Wolf pack knew that the time had come for Mowgli to leave his animal friends and go to the Man village, where he could be among his own kind.

Bagheera, the black Panther, had a difficult job. It was his responsibility to be Mowgli’s guide through the dangerous jungle to the Man village. He had to protect the boy from Kaa, the treacherous Python, and Shere Khan, the Tiger, who was Man’s enemy and had sworn to kill Mowgli.

The worst problem was, Mowgli definitely did NOT want to go to the Man village! The jungle was much more interesting, with its marching Elephants . . . and Baloo, the happy-go-lucky Bear, who wanted Mowgli to stay in the jungle and become a Bear, too . . .


Scene 1

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 1

The Wolf pack decided Mowgli, man cub, must leave.


From the 16-page booklet:

In the jungles of India lived a boy, Mowgli, who had been raised by a pair of Wolves. He had never known any life but that of the jungle, among the animals who were his friends. One night, however, the elders of the pack met at Council Rock.

“Shere Khan, the Tiger, has returned to our hunting grounds,” said Akela, the Wolf leader. “He has sworn to kill the Mancub, Mowgli. Even the strength of the pack cannot protect Mowgli. The Mancub must return to the Man village where he was born—back to his own people.”


Scene 2

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 2

“I’ll take him to the Man village,” said Bagheera, the Panther.


From the 16-page booklet:

Then Bagheera, the Panther, who had been listening in the background, stepped forward.

“The jungle is too dangerous for the Mancub to travel alone,” he said. “I know where the Man village is, I can take Mowgli there.”

Akela consented, and Bagheera and the boy started on their journey. Mowgli was rebellious. “I want to stay in the jungle!” he protested.

“Now, not another word!” ordered Bagheera. “It’s evening. We’ll sleep in this tree tonight.”


Scene 3

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 3

As they slept in a tree, Kaa, the Python, seized the boy.


From the 16-page booklet:

Even the jungle treetops are not safe from Kaa, the Python. The big Snake saw them climb into the tree, and followed. Unseen by the sleepy Panther, Kaa thrust his evil face up to Mowgli’s.

“S-s-say now,” he hissed, “what have we here? It’s a Mancub—a delicious Mancub!”

With a hypnotizing stare, Kaa began to sway, singing softly, “Go to sle-e-e-p, little Mancub.”

Dazedly, Mowgli began to sway along with Kaa. The Python wrapped his coils about the boy . . .


Scene 4

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 4

Bagheera awoke just in time to rescue Mowgli.


From the 16-page booklet:

“Kaa!” shouted Bagheera, who had turned just in time to see the Python’s huge jaws about to swallow Mowgli. He struck Kaa a mightly blow. At the same time Mowgli, shaking off the spell, struggled out of the Snakes’s coils. Kaa fell out of the tree, spinning and landing with his tail in a knot. As he started to crawl away, the knot caught in the crotch of a low tree. Pulling it loose with a loud “pop,” Kaa wriggled away, hissing angrily: “This is going to slow down my slithering!”


Scene 5

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 5

Next morning, Colonel Hathi’s Dawn Patrol marched by.


From the 16-page booklet:

It was dawn in the jungle. Mowgli awoke to the pounding of heavy feet below, and the chanting of voices in unison: “Hup two three four!”

He looked down. A line of Elephants was marching past, led by a pompous male brandishing a stick. In the rear trotted a Baby Elephant.

“A parade!” said Mowgli. Reaching for a long vine, he swung down to the ground.

Bagheera opened one eye sleepily. “Oh no!” he grumbled. “Colonel Hathi and his Dawn Patrol!”

Mowgli fell into step with the Baby Elephant. “Hello!” he said. “What are you doing?”

“Drilling,” said the Baby.

“Can I do it, too?” asked Mowgli.

“Sure! Just do what I do.”


Scene 6

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 6

Mowgli joined the Elephants, to the disgust of Hathi.


From the 16-page booklet:

Mowgli tried to march and pivot, but became more and more mixed up. Finally Colonel Hathi bellowed: “Company—halt! Left face!”

He walked down the line, inspecting the Elephants’ trunks. When he saw Mowgli, he muttered in confusion: “Well, a new recruit! I say, what happened to your trunk?” Suddenly realizing that Mowgli was no Elephant, he blustered: “A Mancub! Oh, this is treason . . . sabotage!”

“Colonel, the Mancub is with me,” explained Bagheera. “I’m taking him to the Man village.”

“Good,” said Hathi. “Remember, an Elephant never forgets. Right face—forward, march!”

The Baby Elephant, engrossed in talking to Mowgli, didn’t hear the command. As the patrol began tramping away, Winifred, the Mother Elephant, told the Colonel: “Dear, you just forgot our son!”


Scene 7

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 7

As the Colonel scolded his son, the marchers kept coming!


From the 16-page booklet:

Looking back in dismay, Hathi mumbled: “Son … uh, quite right … To the rear, march!”

As the Elephants wheeled and began marching toward the Baby, Hathi strode ahead, picked up his son with his trunk, and scolded: “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times …”

“Pop! Look out!” shouted the Baby.

Behind Hathi’s back, the obedient Elephants were still marching … marching … marching …


Scene 8

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 8

“Pop,” said Baby Elephant, “you forgot to say Halt!”


From the 16-page booklet:

Brash! Thump! Huge pachyderm bodies piled into Colonel Hathi from the rear, falling all over one another, and almost burying him.

As Mowgli laughed hilariously, and Bagheera frowned in disgust, the Baby Elephant piped up: “Pop—Sir—you forgot to say Halt!”


Scene 9

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 9

“I won’t go!” yelled Mowgli. Bagheera pulled—and kersplash!


From the 16-page booklet:

“Let’s go!” sniffed Bagheera. “The village is this way.” He ran toward a small river.

“I’m not going!” declared Mowgli stubbornly. He threw his arms around a tree.

“Oh yes you are!” growled Bagheera, seizing the boy’s breechcloth in his jaws and tugging hard. Suddenly a piece of cloth ripped free in Bagheera’s mouth, and the Panther tumbled backward into the water. He came up spitting. “That does it! From now on, you’re on your own!”


Scene 10

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 10

Mowgli met Baloo, the Bear, who taught him how to fight.


From the 16-page booklet:

As Mowgli walked sadly along, he heard a rhythmic song: “Doo-be, doo-be, doo!” Up the path danced a Bear, who said: “Well! What have we here?”

“Go away, leave me alone!” said Mowgli, slapping at him.

“Tsk tsk,” said the Bear. “Kid, you need to learn how to fight like a Bear, and old Baloo’s gonna teach you. Stand like I do. Now gimme a big Bear growl—like this!” He growled loudly.

In the distance, Bagheera heard the growl and came racing back. “He’s in trouble already,” he said. Reaching the scene, he muttered: “Oh no! It’s Baloo, that shiftless, stupid jungle bum!” He settled on a branch above them, watching Baloo’s boxing lesson with a scowl of disapproval.


Scene 11

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 11

“Food is everywhere in the jungle,” sang Baloo.


From the 16-page booklet:

“You’re lots of fun, Baloo,” said Mowgli. “Can I stay in the jungle with you?”

“You’d better believe it, Little Britches!” said Baloo. “You’re gonna make one swell Bear.”

“And just how do you think he will survive in the jungle?” asked Bagheera from his perch.

“I’ll learn him all I know,” retorted Baloo. He began to dance and sing:

“Look for the bare necessities,

The simple bare necessities of life.”

He showed Mowgli how to pick jungle fruits and look under rocks for bugs and ants to eat.


Scene 12

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 12

As they floated in the river, monkeys seized Mowgli.


From the 16-page booklet:

As they reached a pool in the river, Baloo slid lazily in, floating on his back. Suddenly three Monkeys, who had been watching them in the trees above, swung down, grabbed Mowgli off Baloo’s stomach, and carried the struggling boy away.

Jumping to his feet, Baloo ran awkwardly through the water. “Take your flea-pickin’ hands off my cub!” he demanded. But the Monkeys only laughed and pelted him with fruit.

“Bagheera!” called Baloo. “Ba-GHEEE-ra!!!”


Scene 13

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 13

They took him to their King, who reigned in a temple ruin.


From the 16-page booklet:

The Monkeys carried Mowgli to an ancient ruined temple. They lowered him headfirst in front of a throne, on which sat a big Orangutan. “We got him, King Louie!” they chattered.

The King looked at the captive, “So you’re the Mancub! Have a banana! Word has grabbed my royal ear that you want to stay in the jungle.”

Mowgli brightened. “I sure do.”

“And old King Louie can fix it for you,” said the King. He hopped down from the throne and began a scat song and dance: “I want to be a Man like you—hoo-hoo. What I desire is man’s red fire… Give me the secret, Mancub…

By this time all the Monkeys were singing and dancing along with King Louie and Mowgli. Just then a strange-looking Ape, decked in palm leaves and coconut shells, joined the dance. All went well until the stranger’s decorations began falling off. Then the Monkeys shouted: “That’s no Ape! That’s Baloo, the Bear!”


Scene 14

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 14

As Baloo chased the King, a temple column collapsed.


From the 16-page booklet:

Then began a wild chase! Baloo seized Mowgli; King Louie jerked him away from Baloo and ran, with Baloo in hot pursuit. The King came to a corner pillar of the temple and grabbed it as he swung around to make a turn. When Baloo swung around it also, the pillar collapsed!


Scene 15

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 15

As the King held up the temple, Baloo tickled him.


From the 16-page booklet:

Frantic to save his temple, the King set Mowgli down and ran to hold up the corner. With a fiendish grin, Baloo—who never could resist a gag—tickled the King, who broke into helpless laughter. As stones from the temple roof dropped all around them, Bagheera came leaping. and Mowgli climbed onto his back. Baloo waved a cheery goodbye to the frustrated King as the three fled.


Scene 16

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 16

The three friends fled as the temple began to fall.


From the 16-page booklet:

Crash! Thud! Crash!

The three looked back to see the ancient temple tumbling to the ground. The King was still standing, straining to hold up the corner, although the building was falling on all sides of him.

“Man!” said Baloo in appreciation. “That’s what I call a swingin’ party!”


Scene 17

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 17

Baloo fought the Tiger, who had attacked Mowgli.


From the 16-page booklet:

Next day, events happened swiftly. To begin with, Mowgli had run away and was lost in the jungle! He had been angry at Baloo because the Bear, finally giving in to Bagheera, had agreed that Mowgli must return to the Man village.

And, to make matters worse, Shere Khan, the dreaded Tiger, had been seen lurking in this part of the jungle. The boy must be found! Even Colonel Hathi and his Elephant Patrol were crashing through the brush, searching for him.

Meanwhile Mowgli, in his wanderings, had met four friendly, clowning Vultures who sang and danced to cheer him up.

Suddenly the Vultures flapped to a tree in terror. Mowgli turned—and looked into the cruel face of Shere Khan!

Bravely, the boy faced the Tiger. “You don’t scare me!” he said. “I won’t run from anyone.”

Shere Khan sprang—but missed, for someone was hanging onto his tail. It was Baloo! Mowgli’s faithful friends had come to the rescue. Bagheera seized the boy and carried him to safety.

Thunder boomed. A storm was breaking.


Scene 18

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 18

The Tiger fled in fear of Mowgli’s fiery torch.


From the 16-page booklet:

As Baloo and the Tiger struggled desperately, lightning struck a nearby tree, which blazed up into flame. Shere Khan slammed Baloo onto the ground and pummeled him viciously.

“Fire!” shrieked a Vulture. “That’s the only thing old Shere Khan’s afraid of!”

Mowgli ran to the tree, grabbed a flaming branch, and tied it onto the Tiger’s tail. With a horrible yowl, the big Cat whirled in panic. He fled, as fast as he could run!


Scene 19

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 19

“Dead” Baloo heard a moving eulogy spoken by Bagheera.


From the 16-page booklet:

Poor Baloo! He lay in the gently falling rain, apparently dead. Mowgli began to cry.

“Try to be brave like Baloo was,” said Bagheera. “The memory of Baloo’s sacrifice and bravery will forever be engraved on our saddened hearts.”

Baloo slowly opened his eyes, but no one noticed. Hearing the eulogy and realizing it was for him, he began shedding happy tears.

“This spot where Baloo fell will always be a hallowed place in the jungle,” declaimed Bagheera.

“Beautiful, Baggy! sniffed Baloo.

Bagheera looked at him in shocked amazement. “Why, you big fraud—you—you—fourflusher!”


Scene 20

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 20

As they neared the Man village, Mowgli saw his first girl.


From the 16-page booklet:

Just then a sweet voice began to sing:

“I must go to fetch the water

Till the day that I am grown…”

Mowgli, captivated, ran toward the sound. Peering through the bushes, he saw a girl about his age, walking down a path with a water jug on her head.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“The Man village,” replied Bagheera.

“No, no, I mean that,” insisted Mowgli, pointing to the girl. She had reached the water and was filling her jug. He climbed a tree. Crash! The branch broke and he splashed into the water in front of her!


Scene 21

View-Master Jungle Book (B363): Scene 21

He followed—for now he knew he belonged with human beings!


From the 16-page booklet:

The girl giggled, then looked at him coyly with her big brown eyes. She picked up the jug, set it on her head, and started back up the path, followed by Mowgli. Suddenly she dropped the jug, which rolled to Mowgli’s feet. He refilled it, set it on his own head, hesitated, and turned to look at his animal friends. Baloo beckoned, “Come back!” but Bagheera motioned, “Go on!” Mowgli looked at the girl; she smiled. He followed her into the village.

“He is where he belongs now,” said Bagheera.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” agreed Baloo. “Well, come on, Baggy-buddy, let’s get with the beat.”

They danced away together into the jungle, singing:

“Look for the bare necessities…”


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